Web Site Hosting

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Raindance has been hosting websites since 1999, and specialises in hosting dynamic, database-driven web sites. Our tool of choice is Lasso Professional from LassoSoft.

Our detailed Monthly Web Site traffic analysis report is included with each hosting package.

PlanPrice per monthTraffic per monthExcess traffic charge
100 Plan$30100MB$1 per 5MB block
500 Plan$40500MB$5 per 50MB block
1000 Plan$651000MB$25 per 500MB block

In addition to our three base hosting plans we offer the following additional services:

ServicePrice per month
Lasso Professional /
Database hosting
$10 per month
Additional database$5 per month
Domain Hosting$10 per month, billed quarterly
Discounts are available for multiple domains on the same account.

All prices exclude GST.

Web and database hosting is billed at the end of the month of service, while domain hosting is billed at the end of the first month for the quarter (i.e. at the end of January for the months January, February & March, etc.). While we don’t normally charge flat rate set up fees like other providers, depending on the complexity of a site/system a set up fee may be in order. Changing plans (upgrading or downgrading) does not incur any setup charges. A one month notice period is required for termination of services.